The photography has just blown everyone away. A man I used to work with who watched Emily grow up, told me today that it was the most beautiful wedding album he had ever seen It is just gorgeous. What I love is that there will never be another album like that; it does not look like every other album I have seen with the same staged set of photos just like the last one the photographer did. It is as individual as Emily and Jeremy. You really captured their joy and happiness that day and their love for each other. I was so glad you got the pictures of the hugs after the kiss(es) and Jeremy pumping his fist in the air as they walked down the aisle. Those were such spontaneous actions and I am so glad to have those pictures. Another positive thing is that I have looked at the album so much I can do it without crying now!

It is PERFECT! It captures their love for each other and the family’s love for them! You have a true gift from God with your talents and care for each person you deal with and I can’t thank you enough for what you have done for the newly weds and our family. From the first time I met you in the red dress and kicking off your heels, I knew you were a country girl and we were going to be more than professional photographer and client. You will forever be part of the Damron/Gilliam families and every time one looks at your work, they will remember you and your wonderful farm (including Sugar and little kitty). May God continue to bless you and your family.

I just wanted to follow up with you and thank you for all of your help in making our special day special. It was a large risk for me to make all of these arrangements through e-mails. The information about the license was something I could not have done without you.

The planning of the minister and the cabin, and of course the fantastic photographer if any of these items got missed I would not have had any time to get it all together once I got to Pigeon Forge.

Thanks again,

Hi Regina,
First, I would like to tell you how amazing your pictures of Jeremy & Emily are! My gosh, I have been to & seen a lot of wedding photo’s but these are truly amazing!

Emily did a lot of research for the wedding & most extensively was the photographer piece and we were so amazed at not only your place but you as a person, you are truly blessed with a god given gift!

Hello Regina,
What wonderful pictures! We are so pleased! I have had fun showing them to all of my family and friends. They all think you do amazing work. I can’t wait to pick out my favorites! One of my friends said my pictures were better than her pictures and her pictures are the ones that I have admired for so long, so that was a very big compliment of your work. Thank you for taking time with us and capturing these portraits that we will have forever.

You never cease to amaze me!!! I really began these wedding plans hoping for the best and just kinda meandering along as do most men. I have become caught up in a much deeper and different romance now. I cannot begin to relay how I feel about our day and how you have helped change this moment. I need your help with one thing. Christi was different on our April day and I loved this. She is very shy… yes she is! You brought out a much different person I sometimes don’t get to see due to work and outside family issues. She has put her whole being into this wedding and this is the first time I have watched her asking for her own needs or wants in front of pleasing others. I feel that you and your facility have much to play in this. Please bring her out of her inner shell on Oct. the 3rd. She is such a beautiful lady, energetic person, loving mother and wife and the best friend a guy like me could have. We love you and consider you family now. You are in our conversations more than you know. Take care and we will see you soon.