If you’re considering a destination wedding with a more intimate feel, you’re not alone.  More and more people are choosing smaller, more private ceremonies over weddings with hundreds of guests.  Whether you choose a dreamy, couples only adventure or bring the closest family and friends it’s often the best way to get married.  Why?  Because with masses of people, the wedding becomes about pleasing and hosting others, not yourself.  The Smoky Mountains are quickly becoming the elopement destination of choice for couples who want the focus to be on their love for each other instead.


This may sound selfish in the beginning.  You may be thinking, “But I love caring for people and making them happy!”  Those with servant’s hearts always put others before themselves, and this is an honorable trait.  However, marriage is a covenant between two people, deciding they will each place the other first for the rest of their lives.  I encourage you to sit down as a couple and discuss how the people you want to invite will enrich the marriage ceremony and celebration of commitment.  In other words, if they are just there for the cake… they probably shouldn’t get an invitation.


Consider further that all those well-meaning invited people will have opinions and they’re not afraid to share them.  In some cases, they’re not even afraid to make demands, like how you should decorate or which traditions you must include, lest the wedding gods cast an evil curse upon you for all time.  Or, “Hey, you forgot to invite your third cousin’s best friend and her feelings are so hurt she may never recover.”   By the time your friend Tiffany says she just can’t bear to look in the mirror at herself in a pink bridesmaid’s dress instead of blue, you may be tempted to take out your frustration on your fiancé.  At the very least you’ll be drawn into long venting sessions with your sweetheart… Now ask yourself, “How is this putting my partner first?”


Naturally, everyone’s situation is unique.  I admit I have seen larger weddings where the entire group was dedicated to uplifting the wedding couple.  So please don’t think this article is entirely against grand celebrations of over 100 people… Rather, my sincerest goal is to motivate you to put thought into which situation will create the best start to your journey of forever together. 


If your heart is drawing you to steal away with your soul mate to a fairy-tale location where every moment creates a memory to reminisce on your anniversaries, Honeysuckle Hills is your Tennessee elopement solution.  That’s exactly where my heart was when my dreams of building the most romantic wedding setting came to life with the help of my loving family.  My desire is that couples feel uniquely special, loved and cared for on the day they seal their marriage covenant.  Even our weddings with receptions are limited to 75 guests or fewer to encourage a more enjoyable celebration environment.

How did our family team craft this enchanting atmosphere for you?  Everything is centered around designing the best atmosphere for a wedding to take place, from the lanterns in our willow tree to how we trained our horses to run behind you for photographs.  Here’s how eloping to Honeysuckle Hills in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee will make your hearts happy…


We start by scheduling  a “meet and greet” the day before the wedding.  This is an opportunity to get to know each other and plan your wedding to happen exactly as you want it to.  You may want the officiant to read traditional vows, or you may have written heart-felt words of your own.  We’ll help you choose ceremony songs,  find the perfect location here to be married, (with a back-up spot for rain,) and safely hold your dress and marriage license.


 We only do one wedding each day.  Here’s how this is better for you than the traditional wedding chapel that does as many weddings as possible all day long:

  • You’ll be able to use our dressing areas any time on wedding day, including a spacious bridal suite with salon chair, long mirrors, make-up lights, coach, and kitchenette. This reduces the stress of worrying if you’ll get here on time, and helps us have more pre-ceremony conversations.  I have often gathered important photography details through these little talks as hair and make-up is done.
  • If the weather is sour on the day you’re to be married, we can easily alter the ceremony time to more favorable odds. (But don’t forget we also have a covered an indoor area just in case…)
  • You will feel more important, because you ARE more important to us. You won’t have to greet the couple who just got married as you enter, or the next couple as you’re leaving.


You’ll communicate with the same person from start to finish.  Regina answers all phone calls and emails, and is your personal wedding planner from day one.  Eventually you’ll meet other members of her family team like her darling mother, Aunt Sharon, and Uncle Bill.  Adopted family team members are her assistants Emily and Sierra.  Every single one of them keeps high-energy levels of happiness going non-stop!  Weddings aren’t a job… they are our calling in life.


All our ceremony locations are decorated and ready to go.  Each stunning spot has a base of greenery and white flowers.  We will then add silk flowers that match your own wedding colors as closely as possible.  Aunt Sharon strives to decorate in the current styles and themes so you can travel light.  There’s no need to check extra bags at the airport or cram storage containers of wedding items into your vehicle.   Do feel welcome to bring items to personalize your event, however, and we’ll put them out for you.  (Engagement photographs, guest books, signs, etc.)


Our venue has more scenery choices for your wedding photography.   The historic acres previously farmed for tobacco and cattle now has several flower gardens, each with seasonal blooms.  In mid-April our dogwoods and red bud trees delight hearts, while in summer the zinnias, sunflowers, and black-eyed susans are favorites.  Two different bridges, a working water-wheel, swing in a sycamore tree, flowing stream, miniature waterfall, mountain ridge views, a 1950 Ford truck, hitching post, and even horses are available for your wedding photography.  Our farm and gardens are private, not open to the public.


Our wedding photographer will make your jaw drop!  Regina’s posing techniques will show the intense passion you have for each other, whether it’s with fiery intenseness or a more subdued affection.  During capture, she doesn’t rely on natural light alone. This means she knows when to add off-camera lighting to make you look your best, or create a dramatic scene.  Hot lights are often used to mimic natural window light wherever she is indoors.  Further, she’ll enhance 30% of your images for those pesky things all women hate… blemishes, fine lines, and double chins.

Fall is the most magical time of year for weddings in the Smoky Mountains!

You’ll get a highlight slideshow for social media shares.  After getting married at a venue this amazing, you’ll want to share the experience.  Regina will mix her favorite images with 3 to 4 second video clips (such as kissing, walking, or the horses showing off,) with added text to tell your story.  This is perfect for viewing at a wedding reception when you return home, or for sharing on Facebook.



There are hundreds of places to get married in the Smoky Mountains, but only one, genuine Honeysuckle Hills experience.  Regina and her family love nothing more than caring for you on your wedding day.  Explore some of our unique elopement wedding packages, then contact her to start planning your own romantic adventure.  It’s the best way to start your lives together!