The first thing to decide when getting married is where. When you want to run away from the pressure of an insanely large wedding at home, Gatlinburg, TN is an excellent choice! I’ve heard some couples tell me their wedding would have been close to 300 if they hadn’t chosen a destination wedding instead.

From twelve years of wedding planning experience, allow me to suggest a smaller wedding with 50 to 75 guests as opposed to over 100. Understandably, when you have a lot of people who love you it’s hard not to put their address on a wedding invitation. A general rule of thumb is if you haven’t had some sort of life contact with them in the past three months, there needs to be a more compelling reason to mail the announcement….but not from guilt!

The next thing on your wedding planning check list is when. Kyla and Matt chose October 20th, when the fall leaves started blushing gold, yet the weather wasn’t too cold to enjoy outdoor activities. At our elevation, the color reaches its peak at the end of October and first week of November. However, photographs at our venue never disappoint regardless of the time of year. Our venue was created from the very beginning to include as many heartwarming scenes as possible for wedding photographers.

Decision number three would be what kind of mountain wedding venue to choose. Some venues are waaaay up a steep, winding road, while others (like us,) are on roads better traveled. If you’re including a  bartender and alcohol at your wedding, those unfamiliar with elevation and switchbacks may struggle with unwanted consequences.

Kyla’s brother, Kasey, brought a drone to their wedding and captured some footage that shows how we’re nestled in a sweet little country valley. If you’ve ever been up high on a mountain looking down and wondered, “what’s down there?” Well, you may have been looking down on us!

If you were a bird, soaring to great heights, you might have looked down upon our white wedding pergola as two people said, “I do,” while their family and friends watched. But even better, if you were part of that family sitting in that little mountain valley with ridgetops and hills all around you… that’s the best kind of wedding experience in the world!

Watch Kyla and Matt’s wedding video to see how they spent the day with us here. What you’re seeing is the condensed version of love and laughter after all the wedding planning came together. Our family loves nothing more than to care for yours. That’s why we use the best wedding vendors in the Southeast so you don’t have to lift a finger when you get here. Travel from near or far… the distance getting here isn’t what matters. It’s the distance we’re able to go for all of you that counts, because we’re a small (yet important part) of your new life journey together.

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