Early fall around here means the weather is just right for a family gathering in the Smoky Mountains. The leaves may not have changed yet, but our flowers are still blooming and you’ll even catch a few butterflies sipping end of season nectar. Our horses are at their happiest, too, with daily events taking place bringing them company to impress.

Shane’s love for Natasha meant booking a wedding venue that coincided with her love for horses. A man in love will do whatever it takes to make his bride smile! So, on September 29th they loaded up with their family to our quaint little red barn for some barbecue, socializing, dancing & “horsing around.”

Speaking of family, we’re talking about those with a history of marital longevity, one in which has been married for 55 years and still going strong! I watched these older couples and noticed that they still hold hands, pray together, dance together… heck they just plain did everything TOGETHER.

I also watched Natasha and Shane as they danced their first dance to “Tangled up in You” by Staind. Shane sang the entire song to her, looking deeply into her eyes and caressing her softly as they swayed to the music. Viewing a site like this evokes powerful emotions in me… it gives meaning to my life.

If you’re wondering about their choice of wedding package, it was our “Country Style” with mouth-watering barbecue by the local Corky’s restaurant in Pigeon Forge. Flowers were provided by From the Heart Florist, and their first dance song (among many, many other dance songs) was played by DJ “Jack Russell” of KnoxVegas DJ’s. Chocolate brown table cloths, burlap table runners, and fall décor were provided by our very own Honeysuckle Hills wedding venue.

And what about the horses, you ask? Well, of course Natasha got to spend a long time in our horse field with Sugar and Ben! Her gentle, animal-loving soul was felt by our white horse, Sugar, and many beautiful wedding images were captured. Many times Sugar seemed to bow to pour out her love, and she even gave Natasha a sweet kiss!

My favorite photograph, however, was taken at the end of the evening. I took a lower camera angle and asked my assistant to use the off-camera lighting behind them. It made me think of those old western movies where the cowboy and cowgirl ride off into the sunset together…

So, Natasha and Shane… here’s to your happily ever after and the enjoyment of 100 years of sunsets, dances, and staying “tangled up” together!