I’ve noticed a strong trend of gift-giving at weddings. I’ve also noticed that the wedding favors are becoming things that people will actually use, and not lose or throw away later. Mollie chose chapstick with custom labels for her early fall wedding. I don’t know about you… but I am forever moisturizing my lips in the winter, so I practically screamed out “Yes!” when I was offered one of these favors. There weren’t many favors left at the end of the night, either.

Wedding day is a good time to show gratitude to those you love. It leaves a more lasting imprint in the memory, too, which I think comes in handy during hard times. (And you know there will be the challenging days along with the falling rose petal days!)

Mollie chose a bracelet for her mother, knowing she enjoys beautiful things. She chose a custom inscribed hammer for her husband which read, “As We Build Our Lives Together.” She added his favorite candy to the gift which further said to him, “I thought about you as a person.” “I thought about what you mean to me, how hard you work for our family, and added a sweet way to make the tough times bearable.”



As head of the household, Logan chose the absolute perfect gift for Mollie… a Bible with her name inscribed on the front, and their wedding date written inside the cover. Placing God first in the marriage is the best way to ensure its success!

These days, the internet gives a myriad of opportunities for creative gifts. I’d be willing to bet that someone out there can make whatever you’re thinking about with a quick Google search. Start brainstorming and simply writing down little key words that describe your partner, and then narrow a few words down to a search like “gifts for….” In addition to a broad Google search, one of the best go-to sites for custom gift ideas is still Etsy.

Pinterest has a lot of great ideas, too, but it’s more for the quick choices and less for the creative thought process, in my opinion. But then again, you know someone who had an original thought put it out there to get it started… and if it’s a good one, well why not go with it? If the shoe fits, wear it. LOL

The most important thing is that you take the time to consider the one you love in a way they will appreciate and cherish. Ask yourself, “will they put this in a drawer and forget about it, or will they find some use and enjoyment from it?” If it will build on the relationship, that’s even better! So… here’s to wedding day gift-giving!