Tracy and Robert planned their wedding for a long time, and they knew they didn’t want it to be ordinary. Tracy didn’t pick an ordinary dress, a plain ring, or even a traditional wedding experience. She decided they’d load up four of their girls and head to the Smoky Mountains where they could have a wedding THEIR way.


Of the hundreds of wedding venue options available, she chose a more adventurous route. While the ceremony was certainly an important part of the day, the opportunities for the wedding photographs included a willow tree, an old 1950 Ford truck, a swing in a sycamore tree, a drive on a private mountain road, and chickens. Yep. Chickens! (Would you expect anything less from the adventures we have here?)

Instead of traditional white, Tracy chose a pink wedding gown adorned in ruffles. She added a blue jean jacket in case it was a little chilly on their fall wedding day and got the girls jackets to match. Since they spent part of the day on our farm in a valley and another on the mountain, the jackets added a touch of country, too.



Robert chose an engagement ring and wedding band with deep blue stones, completely unique from the every-day man’s idea. He knew the importance of making his sweetheart smile and putting a ring on her finger that sparkles like the lights in her eyes. And ya know… it takes a strong man to keep a house full of women happy! (Remember, he’s surrounded by four girls along with his amazing wife!)


I enjoyed watching Robert care for his little “brood.” He and Tracy also gave each other little reassurances during the day that without each other, their family wouldn’t be possible. You know… the times fingers brush together for a second or two, or that “look” flashed across the room in the middle of endless teenage chatter that creates a silence only for each other.

Of all the weddings we do here, our “Outdoor Adventure” wedding package is my favorite. Y’all know how much I love sharing the little red barn here, but when I get to take couples up on the mountain it makes my heart sing! In case you’re wondering where the chickens came from, my son’s girlfriend has decided to homestead a little. The only thing is, some of her chickens have become her “babies,” making them more like pets than food sources.

Tracy and Robert, here’s to your happily ever after! Keep making time for each other, and keep going on little adventures… It’s the road less traveled that makes the world go round!