Zach and Ayla’s names are forever written in the cover of their family Bible. This long-standing tradition was practiced by my own family, and I still cherish my great-grandmother’s written words in a book that barely stays together now. (It wasn’t a Bible that sat on a shelf… it was regularly read from.)


This wedding pulled on our heart strings because Ayla’s parents passed some years ago. She had developed an even stronger family since then, but a girl never forgets her mother and father. I’m sure that’s why she set up a candle and pictures in memory of them and tied their  wedding rings to her bouquet.


Ayla’s son was honored more than once during the wedding. He was the designated ring bearer, and he was included in the blending of the sands in a unique hour glass vase. We’ve seen a lot of unity sand vases over the years, and this particular version is my favorite!

Ayla’s love for horses drew her to our farm, and Sugar bonded with her immediately. We managed to walk into the horse field during the sweetest light of the day, too! The sun caressed everything it touched, making every scene we photographed worthy of a book cover. Sugar stood as close to Ayla as she could get, as if to hug her, and my heart felt this interaction. This is why I enjoy being a wedding photographer so much! These are the moments that drive me.


Everything just seemed to fall into place on their wedding day, October 6th, 2018. Early fall is the best time to get married in the Smoky Mountains!

Ayla chose our “Country Charm” wedding package, with five hours of activity time for their ceremony, photography, and reception. Chef Tony brought another of his mouth-watering meals and artistic cakes, From the Heart Florist wowed with a fall themed bouquet, and Jack Russell of KnoxVegas DJ’s entertained.

Ayla, you are a true beauty! Our prayers and love will be with you and Zach during your marriage journey. What God has joined together, let no man put asunder! Email Regina about planning your wedding!