Levi never hesitated to say, “Daddy, you may now kiss Mommy!” This precious little country boy officiated his parent’s tenth wedding vow renewal on October 25th at Honeysuckle Hills this fall. After their celebration of commitment beneath our willow tree a family photography session ensued including fall leaves and fun with our horses, Sugar and Ben.

It’s rare to hear, “I met him when I was 14 years old, and we’ve been together ever since!” Over 90% of the time when I ask couples to tell us their marriage success secret it’s the same answer. We put God first. We place our faith in the Bible and love each other as it teaches us.

We are all the beneficiaries of meeting amazing couples that teach us life lessons on how real love works in this world. If not for all of you, there’s no way we could enjoy doing what we love every day.

So, here’s an insanely HUGE thank you to Nicole, Lee, their precious son Levi, and many more couples who have shared part of their life with us.