So, what if you had to get married in your home town but you really had your heart set on a wedding in the mountains of Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg? Or, what if it’s your wedding anniversary and you’re searching for a unique way to have more wedding pictures done?

And… you want some good photography. The REALLY good kind, where you don’t have to come up with poses on your own or worry about if the photographer is going to make you look fat. But it also wouldn’t hurt if the photographer has top notch enhancement skills without making you look fake.

Oh! And beautiful scenery… a must. But you don’t want to run into a million other tourists who want pictures in the same place. And while you’re thinking about it, you don’t want to feel like you’re being herded in and out of a mini-session, either. For at least this once in your life, you want the good stuff.

Rebecca and Joseph had some of the exact same concerns and ideas that you’re having right now. They wanted to get married by the river in Greenbrier, TN, but the photographer they wanted (that’s where we come in…) didn’t travel. So, they scheduled an elopement at Greenbrier one day, and scheduled another day to spend with us at Honeysuckle Hills .

We only schedule one photography session or event for any given day, because we like spending the time to get to know our couples. Rebecca used our spacious dressing room at her leisure to put on her wedding gown one more time. After drawing the perfect lipstick lines we started our photographic adventure! She chose an hour and a half of photography time since it was just the two of them, and she didn’t want to travel to our off-site mountain hideaway.

While Rebecca got ready, we photographed her shoes with “I Do” stickers prominently displayed, along with her breath-taking bouquet and wedding rings. After that, we explored as many of the locations at our photography studio / wedding venue as possible. The swing in the sycamore tree, the weeping willow with romantic lights, the waterfall, the creek, our old 1950 Ford truck, and the horses.

Our horses are probably the number one reason our couples come to Honeysuckle Hills. Sugar and Ben adore our guests and will kick up their heels when they run around behind you. Sugar is especially known to lean her head next to yours, as if giving a kiss.

As you look at Rebecca’s images, you’re probably thinking, “anyone can photograph her!” I mean look at her, right? She’s a dancer with an exquisite figure, so how could we go wrong? In many ways, you’re exactly right. Rebecca just happens to be one of the most recent brides who scheduled photography with us without a wedding. But the principles of lighting, posing, and creativity apply to everyone. We also have over twelve years of photographs you can browse through on our blogs and Facebook page, so yes, you’re going to find real people like you and me who are beautiful, too.

Come let us show you just how beautiful YOU really are!