Our Elopement wedding packages

Weddings for couples only and smaller guest counts are our specialty. Regina’s photography is at its most creative when there is more time to get to know you.

Our elopement packages are based on the time you need for your ceremony and wedding photography. With Regina’s style combined with the locations and opportunities available, it is important to invest as much time as possible for photography.

You are welcome to spend as much time here as you wish before your wedding to do your hair, make-up, and get dressed in our spacious bridal suite with kitchenette.   Most couples arrive a few hours prior to their ceremony.

View our elopement packages and package details below.

Wedding Packages

Just About Us

Perfect For Just the Two of You

One-hour reservation time for ceremony and photography, Strictly for couples only (no children, parents, or other guests), Officiant to perform the ceremony and file your license, Ceremony and up to three different locations on property for photographs of the two of you…

A Family Elopement

Bring a Few Friends

Two hours of ceremony and photography time, Recommended for couples, their children, and up to 30 wedding guests, Option to upgrade to longer reservation time for guest counts higher than 30, Officiant to perform the ceremony and file the license, Ceremony and up to…

The Outdoor Adventure Wedding Elopement

For Couples Who Love Adventure

Two and a half hours of ceremony and photography time, Recommended for couples with no wedding guests and a zeal for exploring, Consider bringing your own four-wheeler, jeep, or other ATV for use as photography props (Jeeps can also be rented in…

Wild Horses

For Couples with a Love for Horses

One and a half hours of ceremony and photography time, Recommended for couples only, with their children, or up to 10 wedding guests, Officiant to perform the ceremony and file the license, Ceremony and up to three locations on property for photography…

If you invite guests, they are welcome to enjoy our venue one hour prior to your ceremony.

Your exclusive venue privacy begins one hour prior to the ceremony. We may schedule venue tours or bridal meetings prior to this, but no other weddings will ever take place anywhere on our property on the day you get married. From one hour prior to your ceremony until your reservation time ends, no one is permitted on property except for you and your invited guests.

Any tours or meetings scheduled prior to your wedding will take place in areas on property that will not interfere with your needs (dressing areas, chosen picnic spots, etc.)

All Elopements Further Include:

⦁ Scheduled tour the day before to meet our family, choose your ceremony location, and go over wedding details
⦁ Beautiful outdoor ceremony locations to choose from
⦁ Seating at all ceremony locations
⦁ Back-up plans in case it rains
⦁ Officiant included to perform the ceremony and file your license
⦁ Two dressing areas and spacious bridal suite with kitchenette (Regina will help lace up your dress if you need it)
⦁ Wedding director to seat any guests, direct the ceremony, and play ceremony music
⦁ Privacy (our venue is not open to the public)
⦁ Creative photography with attention to posing, lighting, and story-telling
⦁ Photography begins 30 minutes prior to the ceremony and lasts through exit time
⦁ The flash drive of all your wedding photographs with copyright release to print on your own
⦁ Enhancements and creative edits at photographer’s discretion prior to viewing
⦁ On-line viewing site for six months
⦁ Digital download with password for six months
⦁ Video Slideshow (See description below)

What is the video slideshow?

Regina creates a two to three-minute video slideshow of every wedding. This slideshow consists of her favorite images combined with a few three second video clips taken on wedding day.
You will be able to approve this video before it is posted on social media, or request your privacy. The video is included on your flash drive with all your beautiful wedding images.

To view some recent video slideshows, visit our YouTube page here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCz8pODH7qV2ddcoNqRLBvfw

Upgrades are available to a video story that includes full ceremony coverage, interviews, personal requests, and a more cinematic approach.
Ask Regina for more information. Slideshows are only created if you choose a wedding package with our photography. However, the upgrade to a video story is available any time.

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