Woman in a short white dress and blue jean jacket leaning across a fallen tree over a creek onto her husband's lap as he caresses her face


Did you just decide to get married right away?  Are you looking for some last minute deals for a quick, simple wedding last minute?

Occasionally we can squeeze in a ceremony only wedding (without photographs) at Honeysuckle Hills.  Check out our our package called “Lickety Split Love!”

My daughter-in-law, Sierra, also offers “Monday Minis” for couples only with no guests on select Mondays when the rest of us are off work.  (We’re usually closed on Sundays and Mondays)  The Monday Mini wedding package includes her creative photography.

We also have an exclusively private, historic waterfall location three miles from our main venue.  Even if we are booked at Honeysuckle Hills, we can usually squeeze you in at the waterfall.  The mountain waterfall location has both ceremony only and ceremony with wedding photography options.


Whimsical Romance   $225

• Couple only with no wedding guests
• Wedding officiant to perform ceremony and file your license
• 15 minutes on property for ceremony
• Ceremony at Honeysuckle Hills, or Honeysuckle Falls (depending on availability)
• Show up dressed and ready to go
• Photography is not included, but you can take your own cell phone pics or ask the officiant to snap a few afterward
• Access to our horses and mountain view is not available with this package

Like its name implies, this package is for the couple who decided last minute that it’s time to be married.  The flood of emotion is running high, and your goal is for me to perform a ceremony to make your marriage legal, committing your lives as one forever.  It’s a quick, no-fuss way to get married, but in a more beautiful location than the courthouse or a crazy busy wedding chapel.   Arrive dressed & ready to go, and I will perform a memorable, loving ceremony and file the license for you.  As a Tennessee Notary Public, I enjoy providing a marriage service and I can even personalize the wedding vows for you.  I also know several faith-based, Christian ministers to call on if you prefer.


Monday Mini Wedding (Honeysuckle Hills)  $749

This is a short and sweet wedding package for two people with no guests.  It’s heart-felt, and makes some sweet memories here in the Smoky Mountains!  It is very similar to our “Just About Us” wedding package (for $1499,) with some modifications that make it more cost efficient for couples seeking a last minute, simple wedding for two.

  • Arrive dressed and ready to go
  • This mini is at our main venue, Honeysuckle Hills
  • Exclusively for two people in love without guests
  • Total time from ceremony until exit is 45 minutes
  • Ceremony time cannot be changed / covered and indoor areas used for ceremony & photography if it rains
  • Officiant included to perform the wedding ceremony and file your license
  • Photography by the talented Sierra, including high res images with copyright release
  • Photographs with our horses are not available with this package
  • Add images at the mountain view for an additional $299


The Waterfall Mini  $599

Another short & sweet micro-wedding for two people without guests at our smaller location called Honeysuckle Falls.  Our mountain waterfall is located three miles from our main venue on private land that borders the Smoky Mountain National Park.  This package is available on Mondays with Sierra, and Wednesdays through Saturdays with either Sierra or Regina, based on availability of course.  You can meet us at our main venue (Honeysuckle Hills,) and follow us up to the waterfall.  If you have between one and ten guests, visit the wedding packages page at Honeysuckle Falls to select another elopement package that will make you smile.

  • Arrive dressed and ready to go
  • This mini is at our smaller venue called Honeysuckle Falls
  • Exclusively for two people in love without guests
  • Total time from ceremony until exit is 30 minutes
  • Waterfall area has covered pavilion in case of rain
  • Officiant included to perform the wedding ceremony and file your license
  • Photography, including high res images with copyright release
  • Photographs are taken by the waterfall, in front of the century old barn & Granny’s cabin
  • Images at our main venue (Honeysuckle Hills) are not available with this package


What is Considered a Last-Minute Wedding?

A last minute wedding is for any wedding couple who wants to get married within a month or less from today’s date. Some may want to get married today, while others want to get married in a week or two.  It’s fun, spontaneous, and exciting!


Want To Be Added To Our Cancellation Waiting List?

If you have your heart set on one of our original Honeysuckle Hills elopement packages with all our amazing photography options and you’d like to be placed on our cancellation list simply text me now.  Let me know if you’re ready to get married now, or if you want to be notified if a particular date becomes available in the future.  As of July 29th, 2022, our next available dates are in December for Honeysuckle Hills.   If you’re looking for fall 2023 for a wedding with reception, we recently had a cancellation for Saturday, October 28th, 2023.  This absolutely won’t last long… it is the best date for fall leaf color.  Be sure to inquire officially for verification any dates are still available.


When Should I Not Wait on a Cancellation in Order to Book my Wedding?

If your heart is set on getting married in the fall, do not wait on a cancellation to happen. It is ALWAYS better to book a wedding venue ahead of time for any date in September, October, or November. Again, cancellations are rare and if you don’t book your wedding venue for the fall as early as possibly you may not be able to get married in the Smoky Mountains period. However, if you’re a whimsical free-spirit and would like to let the fates decide your wedding date, we may be able to help! You just never know when that unprecedented fall wedding date will open up just for you!