Our all-inclusive wedding packages

Welcome to Honeysuckle Hills from our family to yours…

Our all-inclusive wedding packages are based on the time you need for your ceremony and wedding activities. Your guest count will be one of the major influences for the time you’ll need to enjoy your wedding.

Honeysuckle Hills only hosts one wedding each day.
You, the bridal party and parents are welcome to arrive as early as you wish to do your hair, make-up, and get dressed. Couples with smaller weddings typically arrive a few hours prior to the ceremony.

Couples with larger weddings or larger bridal parties arrive as early as 8am.

View our wedding packages and package details below.

Wedding Packages

Country Style Chic

An All-Inclusive Wedding with Reception for 30 to 50 guests

A step above the “Country Style” wedding package, this package is for couples with smaller guest counts but want a fuller wedding experience. It allows more time to enjoy our beautiful venue and gives more choices for the reception menu. Brides who know quality or consider…

Country Style

An All-Inclusive Wedding with Reception for 30 guests

This package has been a traditional favorite at our venue for several years. You can never go wrong with a barbecue wedding reception in the country! Perfect for 30 guests, upgrades are available to accommodate 50. Catering by Corky’s barbecue is a lower cost alternative to…

Country Sugar

An All-Inclusive Wedding for 20-30 guests with Cake Reception

This wedding package is popular for couples who have smaller guest counts, but still want them to have something sweet to enjoy while they are having their photographs made. It’s a great way to have the wedding reception experience while saving money, too!

Country Charm

An All-Inclusive Wedding for 50 guests – Upgrades available to accommodate 75 guests

The perfect wedding package…This one is a favorite for brides who want an all-inclusive wedding with plenty of time for dancing and fun. Created for 50 guests, upgrades are available to accommodate up to 75. The amazing Chef Tony Catering will create a customized…

Your guests are welcome to enjoy our venue one hour prior to your ceremony.

Your exclusive venue privacy begins one hour prior to the ceremony. We may schedule venue tours or bridal meetings prior to this, but no other weddings will ever take place anywhere on our property on the day you get married. From one hour prior to your ceremony until your reservation time ends, no one is permitted on property except for you and your invited guests.

Any tours or meetings scheduled prior to your wedding will take place in areas on property that will not interfere with your needs (dressing areas, chosen picnic spots, etc.)

If you reserve the full day at our venue, no uninvited guests are permitted at any time and all of your guests may enjoy our venue as early as you permit.

What is the video slideshow?

Regina creates a two to three-minute video slideshow of every wedding. This slideshow consists of her favorite images combined with a few three second video clips taken on wedding day.
You will be able to approve this video before it is posted on social media, or request your privacy. The video is included on your flash drive with all your beautiful wedding images.

To view some recent video slideshows, visit our YouTube page here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCz8pODH7qV2ddcoNqRLBvfw

Upgrades are available to a video story that includes full ceremony coverage, interviews, personal requests, and a more cinematic approach.
Ask Regina for more information. Slideshows are only created if you choose a wedding package with our photography. However, the upgrade to a video story is available any time.

Alcohol Policy:

You are welcome to bring your own alcohol as long as you hire a licensed, insured bar tending service with a wedding package of three hours or more.
Our preferred bar tender is Single Barrel Events, family owned with a personality of gold… www.singlebarrelevents.com

Because we prefer to personally interact with our couples and assist you, pricing and availability is only available by inquiry.
Contacting Regina is just like asking a friend for wedding advice, and never high-pressure sales…
Custom wedding packages are also available, so don’t hesitate to ask Regina to put something together just for you!

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