Art Collage of wedding couple and their family at Honeysuckle Hills Pigeon Forge

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Our Wedding Photographer

Your wedding photographs will be your single most prized possessions after it’s all over.
Our all-inclusive wedding packages include pricing for both with or without our photography, and you are encouraged to use the photographer of your choice. Our venue has more beautiful scenery for wedding photographs than any other.

If you love the images you see on our website, they were all created by Regina. She will be your artist if you choose a wedding package with photography.
You must choose Regina for photographs with our horses, Sugar and Ben, because of insurance regulations. Outside photographers may go everywhere except behind the fences with the horses.

Regina’s photography style includes a mix of natural and off-camera lighting, posing for individual body types, and a dash of photojournalism. Her 20 years of full-time professional photography experience means she can handle any lighting situation, any time of day. Her specialty is creating images best enjoyed as wall portraits.
Nicknamed “Squirrel Girl” because of rescuing a squirrel and her energetic personality, she starts with getting ready and details, covers all the most important wedding activities, and prefers to dedicate at least an hour to bride and groom portraits. Her skills will give opportunities like a softer, flowing waterfall shot, and back-lighting for emotion and mood. She loves to balance light so you can see all the natural beauty in your image (instead of a bright white background.) Love a good sunset? Since you’re never guaranteed that perfect setting sun, let Regina add one for you in Photoshop.

At one time Regina considered a career as a destination wedding photographer. Alas, the most interesting couples travel from all over the world to her instead. Pretty cool for a gal who is attached to her native mountains! Love those slideshows on our YouTube and Facebook fan page? Regina created all of those by mixing video shorts with her still images. A two to three-minute slideshow is included with any wedding package with her photography.

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