The Mini-Wedding

• Just The Two Of You $999 with our photography / $799 without
• Add $50 for each guest, maximum of ten

A low-key, whimsical way to get married in the Smoky Mountains!

Our mini-wedding is for lovers who have their heart set on wedding photography in more than one location at our lovely venue, but also want to save money. As an abbreviated version of our classic elopements such as the Willow Tree Wedding, it costs much less.  With a smaller wedding and a low guest count, there are fewer decisions to be made. You’ll be able to focus more on your love for each other, then remember those moments with our creative photography.  Even if you prefer to use your own photographer, this is an excellent alternative to the cabin wedding because everything here is set up and ready to go.  A ceremony director alone is worth its weight in gold!   If you’re unable to keep the guest count down to strictly 10 people or less, excluding yourselves but including children of walking age, please consider one of our classic elopements instead.  Our 17 year reputation for a stress-free wedding with exceptional hospitality and heart-stopping images cannot be met otherwise.

 This package differs from our classic elopements in a few ways to keep the cost lower. You’ll arrive with hair and makeup completed and use our dressing areas to change into your wedding clothing. The ceremony and photography time is set; rain or shine, but we have covered areas to use as a back-up.   Photography begins with the ceremony and ends 45 minutes later for couples only or one hour later with up to 10 guests.  The first 15 minutes typically accounts for the ceremony.  The remaining time is used for family group photos and the two of you alone.  That said, if family groups take longer, you’ll have less time for the two of you.  If family group photos are shorter, we’ll have more time for the two of you.  This means more locations and more imagination!  The number of locations used varies, depending on many factors.  On average you can expect at least two different spots for the two of you as long as the family group photos don’t go over 15 minutes.

If you choose the main, lower grounds for your ceremony, all photos are done in that area.  Likewise, if you choose the mountain view or mountain waterfall, all photos are done in those areas.  (We won’t have time to travel back and forth.)   To get the most variety, I recommend giving your photographer full creative liberty.  They’ll choose based on what’s in bloom, your clothing style, personalities, and more.

There’s a possibility another wedding will be scheduled on the same day as yours, but not at the same time (this is why we can’t change your ceremony time if it rains.)

Any of our ceremony locations can be chosen based on availability. Our main venue is the most popular for the mini-wedding because it has more options for ceremony locations, photography and covered or indoor areas if it rains. Outdoor ceremony choices include the willow tree, stone arch and wooden arbor.  Our mountain waterfall location is often the easiest place to book a last minute mini-wedding.

Our venue is decorated, set up, and ready to go at all times with country chic, cottage garden style.  You’ll be pleased with everything just as it is when you walk through the doors.  You won’t be able to bring extra decor or things like guest books and wedding favors with this package, but if that’s a must you can always choose a classic elopement package instead.  Whichever package you choose, I’m doing my happy dance! You are the reason I wake up smiling every day.

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The Mini Wedding Package Includes:

• Ceremony at the willow tree, stone arch, chandelier, chapel, pavilion, Creekside ridge, mountain view, or mountain waterfall, based on availability.
• Officiant to perform the ceremony and file the required TN wedding license.
• No wedding license required for vow renewals (you’re already legally married).
• Arrive with hair and makeup complete 30 minutes prior to ceremony. Dressing rooms for changing clothes only.
• Specific ceremony time, rain or shine (covered areas available on Lower Grounds).
• Chair setup for guests (if guests attend)
• Photography begins with the ceremony (whether you use our photographer or your own)
• Photographs of family groups in one location (if guests attend)
• Photographs of the two of you afterward, number of locations varies, but an average is two different sites
• Time allowed from ceremony to finish is 45 minutes for couples only or one hour for a wedding with up to 10 guests
• Online gallery with password to download high resolution images and copyright release by using our photographer
• All of your wedding images are included (after editing) by using our photographer

Peak wedding dates in season may not be available for this package

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