Mountain View Ceremony Location

Also known as mountain meadows, this is our newest and most requested ceremony site. It’s a short, two minute drive from the main venue. Feast your eyes on rolling meadows that lead toward the mountain view. Sometimes you can even watch my sister’s horses in the valley below!
The level ceremony site is a short walk from the parking lot, but there’s room to park one car right next to it. The parking has room for up to ten cars. There’s only one tiny farm house in view during the winter at the level ceremony site. Wedding arbors include a hexagon, triangle, or a cross. We’ll put out up to 30 dark wooden folding chairs if you book our classic elopement called Marry on the Mountain. The maximum guest count and chair set up for the mini-wedding is ten, and six for “Simply I Do.”

A walking path leads around the bend from the parking lot. Use the path to adventure to a cozy, private field where a different mountain ridge opens at the crest of the hill. Another view awaits by an oak tree with a swing to the left, and another at a maple tree to the right. There are two houses in the distance from the tree areas, but our photographer can easily pose you to exclude them in the image.

Don’t want to walk? Ask me to drive you to the adventure sites in my Jeep, or drive there in your own and I’ll give you a special duck and Jeep badge! Rest assured there are plenty of photography opportunities at and surrounding the level ceremony site. The adventures are simply a bonus opportunity for all our outdoor enthusiasts.

If it Rains

The rain plan for this site if you book Marry on the Mountain is the opportunity to change the ceremony time to suit better weather. You may also use the Creekside Pavilion or the chapel on our lower grounds for your ceremony, then return later for pictures of the two of you.
The rain plan for the The Mini Wedding is the opportunity to use Creekside Pavilion or the chapel for your ceremony and covered areas on the lower grounds for your photographs. The rain plan for Simply I Do is the use of umbrellas.