Groom in cowboy hat holding his bride in the mountains as the sun is going down at Honeysuckle Hills


Lower Grounds

Explore all our wedding galleries.  We have more stunning locations for wedding photography at our venue than any other.   All the images on our website were created by either myself (Regina) or my talented daughter-in-law, Sierra.  Our lower grounds photography sites are located closest to our barn, ceremony and reception areas.  Typically, three of these locations are included in our starting elopement package called “Just About Us.”  Further adventures like you see in the galleries below can always be added to your package.  Don’t feel pressured to choose your photography sites before your wedding, because our gardens have seasonal features that change from day to day.  The light patterns also differ as the sun changes position in the sky through the seasons.  The direction of light and time of day you choose your ceremony can also make a huge difference.  I always want to know which areas speak to your heart more than others, but how you are posed in those areas will vary from person to person.  Here’s a little hint…. you can sometimes get MORE variety on our lower grounds by allowing me (or your own photographer) to choose the sites for you.  This also allows you to receive an original image that may not have been possible if you insist on a strict list of sites.   If you’ve chosen a wedding with reception, be sure to have an honest discussion with your photographer about how much time you want to spend at all our lovely locations, and how much time you want with all the other reception activities.   Because we have so many lovely sites to use for photography, the investment of time is a must.

Some lower ground selections include:

• Arched bridge and small man-made pond and waterfall.
• Swing by the creek and sycamore tree
• Various flower gardens
• Various creekside locations (creek flows through the whole property)
• Tree-limb bridge
• Enchanted forest/round green door (looks like a hobbit house)
• Water wheel
• Chandelier
• Indoor rustic wooden barn walls
• Outdoor red barn walls
• The double wall (gray on one side, red on the other) with antique window opening
• The hitching post and field areas
• Stone rock wall.

Ridge Runner’s Mountain View

Western groom in a cowboy hat dressed in black lifting his bride in a white dress by the waist as the sun is going down in late fall at a mountain view in Pigeon Forge

Our mountain view photography adventure site is the most requested addition to our wedding packages.   It is unique with two separate locations.  One is immensely private with a mountain view between two pasture hills.  Depending on the time of year, I also photograph couples at the top by the tree line there.  The other mountain view photography site I use is on top of a different hill in the pasture.  It has a forest path and a swing in an oak tree.  Exclusively for two people, we’ll transport you there in our 4×4 Jeep Gladiator.  You’re also welcome to rent a UTV or drive up in your own 4×4 with ground clearance!

We affectionately call this wedding photography site our nature preserve, because it’s home to groundhogs, squirrels, birds and horses.  Occasionally we allow the tall grasses and autumn wildflowers to grow in abundance.  It is the least commercial mountain view site you’ll find without traveling deep within the National Park.  However, here you won’t have to fight Pigeon Forge traffic or wait your turn to use one of the public areas with a mountain view.

Coming Soon… There will be an access road with parking for this beautiful mountain view!  Plans are currently in motion for a beautiful arbor complete with chairs for a ceremony with up to 30 guests.   The access road will not go through our field, so the country pasture with mountain view will remain untouched.  We anticipate a grand opening of spring 2023.

The Wedding Horses Experience

Western Wedding couple kissing between two horses eating grass in a summer field at Honeysuckle Hills

Have you ever dreamed of having Pigeon Forge wedding photography made with beautiful horses? The horses at Honeysuckle Hills are not just pretty pets in a field. They are motivated with food targets to run behind our couples, stop and kiss them, and walk lovingly beside them.

The photographs possible with Sugar and Ben right next to you are a once-in-a-lifetime experience you’ll never forget! The horses are included in the Mountain Wedding Adventure package, or available as an optional add-on to any elopement package.

The very first to join the family was Gambler, retired from the famous Dolly Parton Stampede show in Pigeon Forge. Gambler was soon joined by his partner, Scout, and they filled their retirement days here until passing on. Sugar, a half-Appaloosa and half-quarter horse, joined the crew just before they crossed the rainbow bridge, followed by Ben. Both are rescue horses, keeping with our pet-friendly wedding policy and a love for animals (ask Regina about her rescue squirrel, Sassy!)

Sugar has never enjoyed anyone on her back, and Ben has a condition that prevents long range trail rides. These traits make them less desirable to most people, but dearly loved by us forever.

Honeysuckle Falls

Experience a Smoky Mountain waterfall without the hike, and without nosy tourists and all the government restrictions and permits! Regina’s great-grandmother’s home place is only three miles from Honeysuckle Hills and she’ll transport you there for unforgettable photographs. Her great-grandfather’s century-old barn is also used in the background along with a vintage smokehouse door. You may even want a picture sitting on Granny’s front porch for a nostalgic, Appalachian wedding feel.

Did you know?    April 1st through October 31st you an also get married at this beautiful, historic wedding location.   For more details visit the website Honeysuckle Falls

Wedding Details & Ideas Gallery

Sparkler sitting on concrete by a deep red fall leaf while glowing behind a blue tag that says Let Love Sparkle

Sierra and I love to photograph all the little things that tug at your heart strings.  While you’re getting ready, we start with a few of the most important moments in the hair and makeup process.  Then we’ll photograph the wedding dress, rings, and bouquets.  Don’t forget to tell us if you have heirloom items or old love letters!  If it matters to you, it matters to us.  Being able to use our dressing areas on site will take away the stress of worrying about finding the venue or arriving on time.  It also gives us the opportunity to communicate and discover the little things that make a big difference in your love story.  Depending which all-inclusive package you book with us, sometimes we have more time to capture requests such as first looks, a first touch, presentation of gifts,  or chase the little ones around for pictures before they get too tired.  If you book a wedding with reception, we always photograph things such as wedding favors, the guest book, and more.  This gallery is a culmination of photographs that are captured in addition to the ceremony and portrait style images we’re so well known for.   You’ll see a little bit of everything in this wedding gallery, and I hope it makes you even more excited about your wedding at Honeysuckle Hills in the Smoky Mountains!

Fantasy Sessions

Fantasy portrait of a bride holding the moon while sitting on a log by a creek showing her reflection

If you love fairies, lightning, fire, smoke bombs, a gothic look or anything else out of the ordinary, this is the perfect add-on to any package! At least 30 minutes will be dedicated especially for one artistic image (but you’ll still get all the outtakes.)  Our most recent commission involved holding the moon.  It was created by posing the bride in a seated position on a log resting over our creek.  She held a small, circular reflector and we used off camera lighting to the left.  (Another reason I wear muck boots, so I can traipse through the water as needed, plus squat down in it so my camera is literally touching the water in order to capture the reflection.)  A purchased overlay was added later along with a shot of the full moon we had in our personal stock image collection.   While fantasy images aren’t for everyone, it’s often a much needed creative refresher for me.  The moon picture was created in late November 2022 after our busiest fall wedding season on record.   As much as I ADORE the traditional and essential photo requests, these types of images refresh my soul.

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